Windsor, Ontario

July 25 - 31, 2022

Toughest Fighter Alive (TFA)

Toughest Fighter Alive (TFA)


Toughest Fighter Alive (TFA)

DATE:   Saturday, July 30, 2022           TIME: 09:00am


This event consists of a series of firefighter tasks that are performed in a specific order. A description of the events is listed below. All four events will be run in the same day.  Competitors are permitted to wear athletic shoes and shorts. Competitors will bring their own turn-outs, helmets and gloves.   Liners can be removed from turnout coats. All competitors shall use SCBA’s provided. All events are timed.

This competition is not open to spouses or children.

Hose Event

Hose event evolutions shall be performed in the following order with turnout coat, helmet and air pack donned. Gloves are optional.

  1. The contestant will start 25 feet from a hydrant or pumper. They will run to and connect (2) 2 ½ in. lines to the outlets. Lines are 150 feet with nozzles and are not charged.
  2. The contestant will pull to full extension the 2 ½ in. lines. This can be done together or individually. The nozzles must cross the line marked on the pavement.
  3. The contestant shall proceed to (2) 50 foot sections of 3 inch hose and roll each one up.
  4. The contestant shall then carry the (2) rolled up sections of 3 inch hose 100 feet to the starting line.
  5. The competitor will advance a charged inch and three quarter hose line a distance of 75 feet and knock the target down with a hose stream.  The target will be constructed as an A frame and there will be a 1 foot diameter hole on the front side with a collapsible target mounted on the inside.  The nozzle must pass the 75 foot marker and the target must fall down.  Time stops when the target is knocked down.

Obstacle Event

Shall be performed in the following order with turnout coat, helmet, gloves and airpack donned.

  1. Contestant shall carry a 24’ extension ladder 100’, extend the ladder no less than 5 rungs, and place against a wall.
  2. Contestant shall carry four (4) large air bottles up four stories, no more than two at a time. Bottles can be in bag or tied together with a rope or handle attached.
  3. Contestant shall lift a 50-lb. Bucket or hose roll no less than 40’ (4 stories) and lift over rail or through window. Minimum height of rail, window sill or wall is 40 inches. Minimum of one safety person will maintain a handhold on the competitor during the lifting phase of the event.
  4. Carry bottles two at a time down to ground level and screw a nozzle onto a deluge gun.  Time stops when nozzle is seated.

Weight Event

Shall be performed in the following order with turnout coat and helmet.

  1. Contestant shall move the Kaiser Forcible Entry Machine (5) feet or an 18” truck tire, 10 feet with provided sledgehammer.
  2. Contestants shall run/walk 100 meters/yards to an eight-foot wall and scale the wall.
  3. Contestant shall run back to the starting line, pick up or drag a 165lb rescue manikin towards the wall a distance of 50 meters/yards around a cone and back to the start line for a total distance of 100 meters/yards.
  4. Contestants will then run/walk 100 meters/yards to the eight-foot wall, scale the wall, and return to the starting line.  Time stops when contestant crosses the start/finish line. NOTE: The wall will be made of chain link.

Climbing Event

Shall be performed in the following order with turnout coat, helmet and airpack.

  1. Contestant shall pick up from the ground a 100’ – 1 ½” high rise pack with nozzle and run 100 meters/yards to base of stairs.
  2. Contestant shall drop High Rise pack with nozzle and run up 40’ (4 stories) minimum or as many stories as the host facility can provide to designated spot.  Time stops when contestant reaches the designated spot.