Windsor, Ontario

July 25 - 31, 2022




To see a list of all the sports available for registration please click here for first responders, civilian staff of all agencies, and their families.

Some events have capped participation levels – please register in advance to be part of the events you are most interested in.

Registration fee is $100 for your first event ($90 Registration fee + $10 event fee) — and while you’re in Windsor you can register for some of the other 40+ events. Each additional event registration is just $10.

To confirm your eligibility for the 2022 CAN-AM Police Fire Games please see the details below.


On-site registration and pick up of your registration package will occur inside the Augustus Ballroom at Caesars Windsor (second floor of the Augustus Hotel Tower).

  • Monday July 25th – 1pm through 7pm
  • Tuesday July 26th – 7am through 4pm
  • Wednesday July 27th – 7am through 7pm
  • Thursday July 28th – 7am through 7pm
  • Friday July 29th – 7am through 5pm
  • Saturday July 30th – 7am through 12pm and 6pm through 8pm

For those planning to participate in Skeet, Sporting Clays and Trap Shooting and not planning to cross the border for registration that a registration desk will be available on site at each host venues day of.



All sworn Federal, State/Provincial, County, Municipal and Military law enforcement officers, weight control officers, corrections officers and dispatchers employed by a law enforcement agency (male or female, active or retired) are eligible. Police reservists and cadets who have 180-days of continuous law enforcement service, have received formal training in law enforcement and have powers of arrest are eligible.

Eligible fire service personnel includes both paid and volunteer, dispatchers, military fire personnel, (male or female, active or retired) who have received formal training as a firefighter and have 180-days of continuous fire service.

Eligible EMS personnel includes E.M.S. personnel employed by a private entity or Governmental Agency (male or female, active or retired) who have received formal training as an EMS provider and have 180 days of continuous service.

In addition, civilian employees of approved agencies, spouses, adult children and parents of eligible personnel are eligible to compete.

Eligible law enforcement, fire service and E.M.S. personnel described above from any city, county, state/province, and Country are eligible to compete.

Spouses of eligible law enforcement, fire service and E.M.S. personnel are also eligible to compete. Also, adult children and their spouses, over 18 years of age, of eligible law enforcement, fire service and E.M.S. are eligible to compete. A spouse, adult children and their spouse must complete the on-line registration process listing the agency information representing the eligible spouse.

NOTE: Eligibility rules will be strictly adhered to. An eligible participant may be disqualified from participating in a Can-Am Police-Fire Games event if they have been convicted of a felony or its equilvant in any country.

NOTE: Eligibility rules will be strictly adhered to. Agencies specifically included:

Municipal Police

Municipal Fire

County Sheriff

County Fire

Harbor Police

Harbor Fire

CII Investigators

District Attorney’s Investigators

Alcohol Beverage Control Officers

U.S. Marshal’s Office

Secret Service

Highway Patrol

Parole Agents and Officers

State Police Gov’t. Employed Corrections Officers

Provincial Police (such as O.P.)

US Customs & Border Protection

Air Marshal

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P)

Canadian Police Auxiliaries*

Border Patrol

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Department of Homeland Security

University/Campus Police and Fire Depts.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Canada Border Services Agency (C.B.S.A)

Customs and Immigration Service

Government Employed Dispatchers

National/State/Prov. Wardens/ Rangers

Attorney General Investigators

Tribal Police

U.S. Park Service Police

Military Police

Military Firefighters

Bureau of Narcotic’s Investigators

Seasonal Smoke jumpers and Firefighters (with at least two years employment)

Canadian Police Cadets*

* Canadian Police Auxiliaries and Canadian Police Cadets must have been appointed 180 days in advance of the Games and must be a minimum 18 years of age.

Agencies specifically excluded:

Private Business Firefighters

Pre-employment Police or Fire Science students

Private Security Services

Civilian Jailers and Corrections Personnel

Non governmental Dispatchers

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