Windsor, Ontario

July 25 - 31, 2022

Golf – Four-Person Scramble (36 holes)

Golf – Four-Person Scramble (36 holes)


Golf – Four-Person Scramble (36 holes)

DATE:   Wednesday, July 27, 2022           TIME: 08:00am shotgun start (first 18holes)

DATE:   Thursday, July 28, 2022           TIME: 08:00am shotgun start (second 18 holes)


This is a 4-person unisex team event with 36 holes played over two days, at two different golf courses in a True Scramble Format.  Each day will be a shotgun start at 8am.  This event is limited to 144 competitors and will fill early so participants should register as soon as possible.  Wednesday, 18 holes played at Ambassador Golf Club and Thursday, 18 holes played at Roseland Golf & Curling Club for a total of 36 holes for the event.


1 Marshall on front nine, 1 Marshall on back nine to enforce Golf Canada rules, True Scramble format rules and course specific regulations/etiquette.


Venue Managers will arrange foursomes and assign starting holes in coordination with Head Golf Professional.  Tee off will be a Shotgun Start at 8am.  Players should arrive and report in by 7:30am at the latest.  Teams will compete in the following divisions:

  • Division A (0-25.9 combined hcp)
  • Division B (26-50.9 combined hcp)
  • Division C (51-84.9 combined hcp)
  • Division D (85-116.9 combined hcp)
  • Division E (117 and Over combined hcp)


  • This is a 4-person unisex team event with a total of 18 holes played each day for 2 days for a total of 36 holes.
  • It is a True Scramble format where all four players tee off and the best shot is chosen. All team players take their next shot from the same location until the ball is sunk in the hole.
  • Gentlemen to play from the White Tees and Ladies from the Red Tees.
  • Shots are marked and the ball placed within one club length (except for putts), no closer to the green and the ball must remain in the same cut of grass.
  • Each competitor must have proof of a certified handicap. i.e. RCGA handicap card or GHIN number at the time of the event. Players must have an official 2022 handicap index with Golf Canada or the PGA of America (USGA). This must be current.
  • Each player’s handicap on the 4-person team will be combined together to form a team handicap which will then determine which Division they will compete in.  This event is not based on age or gender, simply by handicap.
  • Golfers must select their own team members before entering a team in this event.
  • Each 4-person team will have a team name to identify the team and team members are not required to be from the same agency.
  • Each team member must hit at least 2 drives per 18 holes. The first shot on any par 3 hole may be counted as a “drive”.
  • A provisional ball must be hit from same tee if all players’ drives are in jeopardy of either being a lost ball or out of bounds.
  • Follow all local rules on scorecard and rule sheet
  • Once on the green all team members must putt until the ball is holed.
  • One scorecard is kept for the team and only one score is recorded per hole.
  • Medals are awarded for the lowest Gross and Net Team scores.  A team may not win a medal in both gross and net.
  • The gross winners are determined first and removed from the list.  The net winners are determined from the remaining scores.
  • To calculate the team net score the total team handicap will be divided by 4 to give them a team handicap.  That team handicap is subtracted from their Gross score to determine their Net score.


Sport Manager, Venue Managers and Head Golf Professional will collect all scorecards immediately following competition each day.  They will process all scorecards at the end of the second day of play to identify medal winners.  Winners posted on the 2022 Can-Am Police-Fire Games Website at and medals will be available for pick-up (with identification) at registration beginning at 7am the morning after the event.  1 team member may pick up the medals for their entire foursome.