Windsor, Ontario

July 25 - 31, 2022

Cycling (Road Race)

Cycling (Road Race)


Cycling (Road Race)

DATE:   Thursday, July 28, 2022           TIME: 9:00am

LOCATION:   Libro Recreation Centre (Staging area), 3295 Meloche Road, Amherstburg, ON

GUIDING BODY: Ontario Cycling Association


The course will be on paved roads with varying terrain and elevations and will be over 40K (to be confirmed) in total. Course details to be released. Yellow line rule (Centerline Rule) will be strictly enforced. Mass start for each heat.

All riders must attend the pre-race briefing (rider’s meeting) normally held at the staging area prior to the competition. A protective helmet complying with current safety standards (SNELL ANSI / ASTM Certified), provided by the rider, shall be worn at all times when warming-up or racing. A rider will immediately be disqualified if he/she removes the helmet during the race. No clip-ons or aero bars are allowed.

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