Windsor, Ontario

July 25 - 31, 2022

Bench Press

Bench Press


Bench Press

DATE:   Tuesday, July 26, 2022 *Weigh-ins held Monday from 6M-8PM (location TBD)          TIME: 09:00am

LOCATION:  Windsor CrossFit – 1106 Laramie Street –

GUIDING BODY: Ontario Powerlifting Association

Event guided by the following IPF Technical Rules:


Bench Press Meet.  This event will be run concurrently with the full Powerlifting Event.  Powerlifters’ bench presses will qualify for placing in this event as long as they submit a registration for BOTH the Powerlifting Event AND the Bench Press Event. Alternatively, competitors may compete in Bench Press only.

Single-ply bench shirts are allowed.  Only one wrist wrap item per wrist will be allowed.  Elbows must be exposed.  Event organizers reserve the right to combine weight/age categories based on athlete registration. A round robin and flight system will be used.  Weigh–in and start time subject to change.  Entries for this event close 24 hrs. before event starts.