Windsor, Ontario

July 25 - 31, 2022

Archery Field

Archery Field


Archery Field

DATE:   Wednesday, July 27, 2022            TIME: 110:00am

LOCATION: Malden Park (West Side), 4300 Matchette Rd. Windsor, ON


The outdoor target event will consist of an Olympic 900 round. One 900 ROUND. 30 arrows (five-6 arrow ends) shot at each distance of 60m (65.61 yds), 50m (54.68 yds, 40m (43.74 yds), all shot on 80cm (31.5”) target face. Each competitor is required to provide all personal equipment including bows, arrows, and ancillary equipment.

BRACKETING:  Point system brackets. Sudden Death, Shoot Off.

ADDITIONAL FEES:  $20 (CDN funds) target fee.

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