Windsor, Ontario

July 25 - 31, 2022





DATE:   Thursday, July 28, 2022                         TIME: 6:00am ramp opens 6:30am blast-off

LOCATION: Lakeview Park Marina, 9200 Riverside Dr E. Windsor, ON

If you plan to fish for a single day only, you do not need an Outdoors Card-but you will need a one-day sport fishing licence.  All the information you need can be found on the following website:

Canada will accept boating education cards that are issued by states that meet NASBLA requirements as proof of competency.  Vessel operators must carry their card on board the vessel and have it available for inspection by an enforcement officer.


This is a Two-Person Team bass fishing tournament (large and small mouth) limited to 60 boats.  Based on our geographic location, right in the middle of the Great Lakes, this event will fill quickly. Boats will blast off in the order teams register, so register ASAP!  Teams must provide their own boats and equipment.  Fishing time will be 7:30am-3:30pm. Fishing licenses are required and can be purchased in advance, online at:

Medals will be awarded for the most weight of five (5) fish caught within the allotted time.

There will be no Deck entries for this event.

There will be a Mandatory Meeting for all participants scheduled for Wednesday, July 27, 2022.  You will be notified of the time and location by email in advance.

  • All boats must have a working live-well system and kill switch.
  • All competitors must have their boating cards and fishing licenses on their person.
  • All participants must have a life jacket, and it must be worn when the main combustion engine is propelling the boat at anything other than trolling speed.
  • All boating laws and Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry laws must be adhered to. Any violation of these laws will result in expulsion from the tournament.
  • No alcohol or drugs will be consumed during the tournament.
  • Only fish caught on hook and line in the usual manner are accepted.  Each participant is allowed one (1) line in the water at a time.  Spare rods and equipment may be kept on hand. 
  • Artificial bait only.  NO LIVE BAIT ALLOWED.
  • All fish must be a minimum of 12 inches in length.  (from lower jaw to tip of tail, pinched together)  If a fish is deemed to be too short, the fish will not be added to the final weight and a penalty of eight (8) ounces will be assessed.
  • Any fish so injured that it cannot be released will be weighed and the team penalized 50% of the weight of that fish.
  • There will be no more that five (5) fish per team in the live-well while the combustion engine is running.
  • No fishing allowed within 100 feet of any gas pumps, marinas or other water businesses that have a defined boundary, or any other boat.
  • If you are late for weigh-in, a penalty of eight (8) ounces will be assessed for each minute you are late.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, your catch will be forfeit.
  • No interference with another angler’s line.
  • No anchoring or making contact with U.S. Land.  No contact with other vessels in U.S. waters unless directed to do so by governing law enforcement (i.e. local police boat/Coast Guard).
  • Boat inspection will be carried out at the beginning of the tournament.  The Tournament Officials reserve the right to inspect all competitor’s boats at any time during the official tournament hours.

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