Windsor, Ontario

July 25 - 31, 2022



DATE:  Wednesday, July 27, 2022 TIME: 8:00am-5:00pm

LOCATION: Major Fa Tilston Armoury (Outdoor Range), 4007 Sandwich St. Windsor, ON

SPORT DESCRIPTION:  All participants must be active tactical unit members with hostage rescue certification. Each team must have 6-8 members including a qualified sniper and observer.  All team members must complete the registration individually before the Team Captain can register their team.  Teams will be required to complete consecutive, timed events, which must be performed in a specific sequence as follows:


  1. Physical Fitness Challenge (2 members to participate)
  2. Sniper Challenge (2 members – Sniper and Observer)
  3. Multi-weapon Challenge (4 members to participate)
  4. Hostage Rescue Challenge (All members must participate)

NOTE:   The members selected for Physical Fitness and Sniper must be different.

SCORING: The score from the four challenges will be combined to determine the final team score and overall champion. Scoring will be determined by combined times from all four events, including any assessed penalties, shot accuracy, and shot placement.  The top three teams will be presented with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the conclusion of the second day.


  • Tactical Uniform including full personal protective equipment (Ballistic vest)
  • Eye protection, Ear protection
  • Sniper Rifle, binoculars or spotting scope, and range finder
  • Carbine rifle (Service issued) .223 or 5.56 (Other calibers need to be pre-approved)
  • Pistol (Service Issued)
  • Note: Snipers will require a sniper rifle (as previously mentioned) as well as a main entry weapon (carbine). 


All competing team members must be present for mandatory safety brief at the start of the each day. Violation of safety rules and unsafe weapons handling may result in disqualification or deduction in team or individual scores. No one will be allowed entrance into the competition area until they are called to perform. Pistols may be loaded and contained within a holster worn by team members. Long guns and shotguns will remain empty and on safe until told to load.

All officers participating in the SWAT events will be required to wear eye, ear, ballistic vests, and helmets during the live fire events on the range (Sniper/Observers will not require vests or helmets for sniper/observer portion of the SWAT event.)  However, full PPE will be required for remaining portions of SWAT). During movement exercises, all weapons will be on safe, with finger on the frame of the weapon.

During the competition, judges will be monitoring safety while moving through the course of fire. Any time a judge says “STOP” or an air horn is heard all movement on the range must stop until cleared to continue.

NOTE: This event is LIMITED TO 8 TEAMS

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